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Whether you are moving to the Greater Orlando area or currently reside here, at some point you will need help with your home or condo.  At Orlando GoTo Service you will learn about the latest in home repair, maintenance and improvement.  

You will discover short, informative articles that will help guide you in finding trusted and reliable contractors for your home project.   For those savvy minded, budget conscious homeowners (saving money for fun at Florida’s beaches and theme parks), you will find excellent DIY techniques.  Our bloggers are interior designers, flippers and property managers. Be sure to check out our Home Services Information in Windermere, Home Services Information in Winter Park and Home Services Information in Orlando!

Central Florida offers some unique challenges to home maintenance and repair. Our research and experience will help you navigate the Do's and Don’ts from lawn maintenance to roof repair, all aspects of your home will be covered.  Browse our current articles and stop back before starting a new project as we always provide fresh content.  

Renovations and maintenance only end when a house is brand new, hammer on…

Homeowner Projects
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Homeowner Projects

We are always looking for homeowners to post before/after pictures of DIY or Paid-For projects that they experienced.  Please scroll down to contribute and show-off a little! Click Here to see other homeowner's projects. 

Knowledge Base

Our editors & contributors are Orlando Area Residents!

  • Service Business Owners
  • Technicians and Repairmen
  • House Flippers and Realtors

Our content is fresh and researched.  Our editorials and stories are based upon real-life interactions.  You won't find any FakeNews at  Orlando Go To Service!

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Orlando Go To Service is exploding and quickly becoming a familiar resource to Orlando homeowners. With over 2,000,000 residential homes in Orlando and averaging 20% growth per year, Orlando has become a hotbed for people to live and work. All those housing units require home services including maintenance, repair and improvement. We target these readers through our cutting edge Search Engine Optimization techniques, fresh unique content and spotlight articles. Our readership is looking for contractors, products and services. They are well educated and have significant resources.

Your Product/Service is NEEDED by our readership!

In talking with Orlando homeowners, one thing is constant. They want to know:

  • Who they can call for work to be done?
  • How fast they can respond?
  • Are they reliable?

Price is important but definitely not top of the list. This shows an immediate need in the market place for your service or product. Partnering with Orlando Go To Service can help boost your business to greater heights and put you in front of people that want to do things now! This coupled with our web-marketing expertise is the best way to spend your advertising budget.

We want our readership to contact OUR sponsors. Both parties win when honest, hardworking business people/tradesmen get together with well informed and resource rich customers.  Through well written spotlight articles, we can put the spotlight on you and your business!!

What We Do

Orlando Go To Service is the best source for Orlando homeowners to find objective and relevant information on home maintenance, repair and improvement.  Topics from Air-Conditioning maintenance to epoxy-coating your garage floor will be available here.  We exist to bring you, the Orlando homeowner, the information you need to help make informed decisions about your house up-keep or renovation.

In addition, we offer opportunities for business owners to advertise and offer useful content.

Hammer on!

Feel free to contact us with your comment or suggestion. You can upload a picture of your home project too!! Please do as we love to see reader’s projects, especially before/after shots.

After submission, we will review what you sent and post it for all to see so be sure you are ok with your comments and pictures.

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