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Septic Systems Pass or Fail?

Orlando Florida Septic Systems and some things you should know…  We all flush the toilet and forget about where the “contents” end up.  In many cases, the “contents” travel to your septic system.  A series of tanks, pipes, sand and fabric allowing your contents to become one with nature again, so to speak.  Many of us have migrated from areas with sewers (public processing of your contents) and it’s good be informed regarding your system.


New Ownership

It is VERY common for a septic system to fail* or begin failing after 10 years in Central Florida.  Fast paced building construction may have caused the constructor to take short-cuts.  It is also very common for an existing owner to hide this failure by pumping the system monthly, limiting water-flow and lying to you regarding its current state.  A sneaky home-owner can fool the best inspectors through sheer determination.  I speak from experience as it was done to me.  *failing septic is typically a drain field that has clogged pipes, water can’t drain and backs up into your home.


Trust then Verify

Here are the points I would cover if purchasing a home in the Orlando market with a septic system.

Request (from homeowner) the name of company that has been maintaining the system

  1. Contact them and ask them about issues
  2. Request receipts for work and pumping (tell them you are the current homeowner- it’s a fib but it works!)
  3. MAKE SURE they do not pump system before you have the chance to test it
    1. demand this is not done or you will KILL the deal
  4. No PERC TEST*!! Go for a full septic tank and field inspection (pay the extra $$$)
  5. 2nd opinion! Get it checked 2x

*Perc Test:  A percolation test (colloquially called a perc test) is a test to determine the water absorption rate of soil (that is, its capacity for percolation) in preparation for the building of a septic drain field (leach field) or infiltration basin


If you fail to cover these bases you may be forced to seek council against the former owner should you find out six months later that they had not been truthful with you and your “contents” are coming back to visit via your bath tub drain.  You will win but you won’t get the full replacement cost (we have experienced this!).


Lastly, here is a short list (hyperlinked for your convenience)of reputable septic system companies in the Orlando Florida market.

We found Sauer Septic Systems especially helpful and would use them again.  They do cover West Orange County  (Horizons West, Windermere, Independence, Dr, Phillips) Brownies is excellent for emergency pumping and filter cleaning service too, very helpful.