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2018 Orlando Top Roofing Contractors

The ten Orlando Roofing contractors listed here were selected by using a combination of Google Page Reviews,  Google Rank and a weighted alagoryhthym which weights good reviews against total reviews and of course a little secret sauce for good measure!!  They all are all hyperlinked for your convenience.  Please check back with us and give us your opinions!


  1. Jasper Roofing Contractors
  2. Universal Roof and Contracting
  3. Century Roofing Specialists
  4. Skylight Roofing
  5. Roof Army
  6. Over the Top Roofers
  7. Roof Top Services of Central Florida
  8. Bowk Construction
  9. City Roofing and Remodeling
  10. Calloway Roofing Florida


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Orlando Roof Issues, Little Problems Becoming BIG

Orlando, Winter Park & Windermere shingle roofs are prone to failure.  Why?  As Floridians we live in one of the most hostile environments for roofs.  It’s true.  Florida’s sub-tropical climate is a constant barrage of hot sun, excessive rain, high humidity, hail and wind.  That said, what can an Orlando resident do about it?  Check your roof and repair small issues correctly and expeditiously when they occur.

Carpenter uses nail gun to attach asphalt shingles to roof

Here is a short story about my neighbor.  My neighbor Mr. Jones, living a comfortable life in Windermere, Florida.  Mr. Jones had a small leak in the valley section of his roof adjacent to a wall transition.  Mr. Jones had the “put as little in” mantra when it came to maintaining his home.  Not a bad guy, but short sighted this way.  He found the absolute cheapest roof repair person he could fine.  This individual had no contractor’s liability insurance, no license and no formal training repairing shingle roofs (any roofs).  This “repair-man” proceeded to “fix” the roof and he stopped the leak (supposedly).


Fast forward (6) months.  Mr. Jones, of Windermere, noticed his tiles had black mold around them and some of the tiles had fallen off in his shower enclosure.  He suspected a water leak and promptly called his insurance company.  Before the insurance company could arrive his master bed-room ceiling collapsed onto his wife, who happened to be folding laundry.


Mrs. Jones was not hurt but was frightened and sickened.  Moldy sheet-rock, collected water, dust, debris, insulation, dead insects, dead mouse(really) all fell on top of her on top of her and her beautiful designer bedroom.  Yuck!



Mr. Jones roof replacement, mold remediation and water damage was mostly denied by the insurance company.  When they (insurance company) found out a repair was made, made poorly and Mr. Jones had used a person whom they deemed unqualified to make the repair they decided the claim could not be processed.


Don’t feel bad for Mr. Jones, he has the resources to make his situation right.  However, don’t make the same mistakes he made.  Choose a company with the right stuff.  Here are a few Orlando market companies to consider: